About the group

This group is for aspiring writers in Oxford, and is equally welcoming of those who’d consider themselves in the early stages of honing their craft, as it is to more experienced wordsmiths. You don’t need to come prepared with a piece of writing to share – if you’re not ready to – but you will be encouraged to share something you’ve created as you spend more time with us.

So if you want to learn more about creative writing (and get a chance to practice), get feedback on your work (and give feedback to others), and socialise with other writers in Oxford (a great opportunity to step away from that computer screen…), then come along and see what we’re all about!

What are the aims of the group?

  • To give you the chance to practice your craft
  • To give you helpful, constructive feedback on your work
  • To give you a better understanding of the fundamentals of fiction writing
  • To socialise with other people with similar passions to your own

How do I join the group?

There is no formal joining process and the only thing that distinguishes a member from a non-member is attendance at events. So if you’re interested in becoming a part of the group, simply head over to the events page to see what’s on.

What do you do during a typical meeting?

The format will vary. Generally we will be discussing each others’ work, with shorter pieces being read out loud, and longer pieces submitted (and read) in advance. These pieces might be something you’re already working on, but because this group is also aimed at those who want to learn and get the chance to practice, we will also play around with little exercises or mini-assignments that give us the freedom to experiment (and importantly, get instant feedback).

I’m not a very confident writer and feel I’ve got a lot to learn – is this Meetup for me?

Absolutely! Together with giving each other feedback, we will also spend some time learning more about the craft of writing. How do I come up with ideas? How should I construct the plot? What narration style should I use? How do I write convincing dialogue? These are the sorts of questions we will be discussing as the weeks go on and hopefully you’ll see your confidence grow.

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